Revlon Equave- secret for better hair


Hey hey,

as i promised, i tell you about my new beauty secret for better, healthier hair. Because of my curls i don`t wash my hair every day. I always go 3 or 4 days without washing my hair. But the days in between it`s kinda hard to manage the hair.

It´s like super thirsty, dry and often wihout volume and body. This is why i tried my best to find a good conditioner. But everything i tried weight my hair so much down or was so oily that i looked like a drowned rat. I hated the days in between but i really don`t have the time to wash my hair daily. A friend of mine told me about a new product she uses-

The REVLON EQUAVE Hydro Nutritive Detangling Conditioner. She is so happy with it, that i wanted to give it a try. I ordered mine in the internet and bought a set with a shampoo and the conditioner.

 And omg- i really really love it!

The Conditioner:

It`s an instant leave- in detangling conditioner which is a light two-phase formula. It leaves the hair moisturized, super soft and shiny without being too heavy. The Keratin-enriched formula repairs dry and damaged hair and gives the hair vitality. It improves the hair’s texture and my curls are so bouncy that it´s fun to play with.

 The Shampoo:

The Shampoo is also Keratin enriched, which is great for strong, healthy hair, especially for natural curls. I used a schauma shampoo normally and never ever wanted to change that. But i gave it a try and i really like the result. The hair is more fluffy but not dry. And my scalp feels cleaner as if i used the schauma shampoo.

I wouldn`t recommend you to use Equave hair conditioner only. But if you have dry hair like me and use a oily conditioner as usual, you will understand when i say i can`t use my conditioner every day. It`s too heavy and my hair always loses it`s volume. So for the days in between i really really love to use the Revlon Equave- the shine of my hair is incredible and my hair looks so much healthier.

Cellulite adè mit Faszientraining?

Cellulite adè mit Faszientraining?

Revlon Equave- secret for better hair

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